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chose a pope that signals change at the vatican. >> and the response in st. peter's square and around the world shows that change is very welcome. abc's marci gonzalez joins us from rome where the sell brakes go on. good morning, marci. >> reporter: good morning rob and diana. an amazing night. pope francis is starting his first full day as the leader of the roman catholic church. >> habemus papam. >> reporter: with those words history was made. pope francis becoming the first pontiff ever from latin america. echoing the roar of the more than 100,000 people in st. peter's square last night, the overwhelming enthusiasm from his home in argentina. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> translator: i always said it would be one of the best popes we ever had and thank god he is from argentina. >> reporter: there they know him as cardinal jorge bergoglio, the humble man known for ministering to the poor. >> taken the name of st. francis of assisi which shows he wants to show the face of the poor. >> reporter: at 76 years old considered a black horse candidate his is not the face anyone expecte
or the latest high-profile politician to have a change of heart on the issue of gay marriage. she spoke about it in a new video. >> to deny the opportunity to any of our daughters and sons solely on the basis of who they are and who they love is to deny them the chance to live up to their own god-given potential. >> interesting timing here. some experts say clinton's announcement is part of her preparation to run for president in 2016. >> president obama leaves tonight on a new mideast mission traveling to israel for high-level meetings with prime minister netanyahu and comes at a critical time. he will try to appeal to their elected officials to allow time for sanctions against iran to work before attempting military action. the president will also visit the west bank and jordan. >>> also in the middle east an american citizen emerging as the alternative to president bashar al assad in syria. he is from texas and elected early this morning as the leader of the opposition and could be the first prime minister if the government of al assad is ever toppled. >>> to a close call for thousands of
problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit goxarelto.com. >>> you don't think that something that you're watching on tv is going to affect your life. my husband, his birthday, me and my son went and played golf. all of a sudden, he was having massive heart attack. hi son remembered seeing on "world news" a new technique for cpr. we were so lucky to have watched diane and dr. bersz that night. it does seem crazy. watching "world news" with diane sawyer saved my husband's life. that is our abc news story. ♪ >>> y'all recognize that music. time now to check "the pulse," the stories we're talking about today. it starts with the competition for the coveted mirrorball trophy. d "dancing with the stars" returns for its 16th season. >> we have two on limp yarngs two country stars, and two comedians. who is the best dancer? tune in and see. >>> get this, a slow fax machine threw a pro football player for a loss. defensive end elvis dumervil's contract with denver arrived in
comes amid a sea change in public opinion. about half of all americans now support same-sex marriage, which is legal in nine states and the district of columbia. still, 30 states explicitly ban same-sex unions in their constitutions. >> the justices are insulated from public opinion, but they're not deaf. >> reporter: now tomorrow in a separate case, the justices will consider whether married gay couples deserve the same federal tax and entitlement benefits as heterosexual couples. both cases will be decided in june, john and diana. >> two separate questions here. one is what's going to happen today inside of the court, and, secondly, are we going to get any clues as to how the justices might decide? >> reporter: well, just about 10:00 a.m. people will start filing in for an hour of arguments. the court says those arguments could run longer given the significance of the case, and all eyes are going to be on the questioning of the justices for lawyers on both sides, particularly from justice anthony kennedy. he's considered a swing voter on the court. kennedy has a history of supporti
second thoughts. since sunday, john and diana, five sitting senators who voted for it have changed their minds. john and diana. >> all right, devin, there's been a big surge in popular support for gay marriage. why did the justices seem so cautious? >> reporter: well, the justices are always wary of getting too far ahead of public opinion. so while our poll shows a majority of americans support same-sex marriage and it's legal in 9 states and d.c., 40 states still don't allow the unions. yesterday in arguments at the court we saw the justices signal and even those who are open to gay marriage that they want to let the debate to continue to play out and let the states and the people decide on a case-by-case basis. john and diana. >> an incredible debate for us all. thank you, devin dwyer, from washington for us this morning. >>> and breaking news from overseas. a lot of rattled nerves in taiwan after a powerful earthquake rocked the island this morning. >> take a look at these schoolchildren casually sitting in class. but when the 6.1 magnitude quake hit, they knew exactly what to d
change but there was misspending of money. >>> they're not ruling out a drone strike against american targets on u.s. soil but attorney general eric holder said such a move would only be considered under extraordinary circumstances. the use of strikes against terror targets overseas has come under increasing scrutiny on capitol hill. >>> the race for the next mayor of los angeles is too close to call this morning. early returns show two front-runners failed to capture enough votes in the election for a win. counsel maun eric garcetti and wendy greuel appear to be facing off trying to beat anthony villaraigosa. >>> shimmering lights illuminating the bay bridge. it marked the start of the so-called bay lights, the largest l.e.d. sculpture featuring 25,000 lights strung along 5 miles of the suspension cables. you can see it every night for the next two years. gorgeous sight. >>> coming up, wall street is soaring, but will the happy times last? >>> plus, imagine a world without the iphone. apple had alternative names for the revolutionary gadget. those names now just being made public. >>
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am a king. >> reporter: peter turkson of ghana is african and may bring incremental change to the church's stance on condom use. christoph schonborn has the pedigree to be pope. schonborn is also a long time friend of benedict's. an outspoken of the church's handling of the sex abuse scandal, saying the days of the coverup are over. change won't come overnight. but it will come, assure as tomorrow. david wright, abc news, rome. >>> in the run-up to the conclave, count on abc news for the very latest information from rome. >>> now, to a major development in the battle over gay marriage. the white house is urging the supreme court to overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage. california is one of eight states that gives gay couples all the benefits of marriage between partnerships or civil unions but don't allow them to wed. the high court will hear the case later this month. >>> mitt and ann romney are speaking out together for the first time since last year's presidential election. romney and his wife have given an interview to fox news. and they talked about life sinc
see that aircraft? >> about 1,500. >> the pilot didn't have to change course and landed safely. >>> demolition crews near tampa have finally exposed that deep sinkhole that swallowed up a man and his entire bedroom. inspectors plan to survey the hole today to get a better idea of now stabilize it. as abc's gio benitez reports, they're now dealing with another sinkhole nearby. >> reporter: this is our first look at the massive sinkhole that swallowed up 37-year-old jeff bush while sleeping in his bed. look closer. authorities tell abc news the sinkhole, about 30 feet wide and 100 feet deep, could well extend underneath the two neighboring homes. both less than 40 feet away. >> there is no one allowed in those homes. there will be a determination of if they're condemned in the coming weeks. >> reporter: crews used machinery to recover some of bush's personal items from his bedroom. carefully collecting his jacket and hat from the wall. but jeremy bush is frustrated that his brother remains buried in the rubble. >> they got this big equipment. why can't somebody be harnessed up on
and journalism. >> good to hear journalism is in there. like to hear that. all things change. >> i wonder what that badge looks like. >>> next on this wednesday, the massive man hunt for several escaped prisoners. >>> and a bad day on the courts as a golfer is literally swallowed by a sinkhole. we'll be right back. s as a golfer is literally swallowed by a sinkhole. we'll be right back. e as a golfer is literally swallowed by a sinkhole. we'll be right back. i was cooking dinner for my family. boom. heart attack. the doctor recommends bayer aspirin to keep this from happening to me again. it's working. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. it can happen to anyone. talk to your doctor. nah, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicoderm cq, the patch with time release smart control technology. quit one day at a time with nicoderm cq. with time release smart control technology. . >>> there's a live look at the vatican where the cardinals have reconvened for another day of voting. they co
intention to win every tournament. i don't see why that should change. >>> the heat have won 17 in a row. taking on the pacers. the only name haven't beaten. dwyane wade, the strip, the score, pacers won the first do two games by double digits. the heat took a double-digit lead to the half. wade back the other way. stepping into the passing lane. miami won 18 in a row, tied for the sixth longer winning streak in the league. and that is your "sportscenter" update. i'm zubin mehenti, have a great week. >>> another example proving you never know what you'll see at a european soccer match. >> game in swirts land was interrupted when an otter-like animal called a martin ran on the field. >> one player tried to capture it and was bitten on the finger. the man was eventually caught by a goalie and handed off. the goalie caught it. that's perfect. >> goal! oh, man, coming up next this morning, "the pulse." we'll meet the country's luckiest couple. >>> justin timberlake getting rave reviews for his latest gig, hosting "saturday night live." we're vampires after all. but then we tried new nutri-gr
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in the house and the car and more on what we can do to make changes so that this doesn't happen again in the future. >> reporter: new york mayor michael bloomberg releasing $12 million in new tv commercials calling for new gun laws. this time featuring newtown families. and at the white house, an emotional east room. tears and presidential hugs for victims of gun crimes from places like newtown, virginia tech, and chicago. president obama unusually passionate and appearing concerned that momentum for gun reform has stalled on capitol hill. the president promising to keep the pressure on congress to pass background checks and to at least take a vote on the assault weapons ban. the president urging congress not to "get squishy." jim avila, abc news, the white house. >>> today the obama administration takes another step toward cutting air pollution from cars. no rules will be proposed restricting the amount of sulfur allowed in gasoline just as california already does. the auto industry and environmentalists are in favor. the oil industry opposes it saying it would raise prices like it h
changes. >> oh, boy, i hate when that happens. >>> plus the warning for spring breakers heading to florida. you won't be alone in the water. >>> welcome back. the stock market again opens in new territory this morning after hitting another record high yesterday. the dow gained 42 points to close just below 14,300. so far this year it's up more than 9%. investors were encouraged by a better-than-expected jobs report yesterday. they were also cheered by a report from the federal reserve which says the u.s. economy grew in january and february in all regions of the country. particular bright spots include the housing recovery, more hiring and strong auto sales. in fact, most of the gains in consumer spending were from vehicles. >>> america's favorite place to shop for clothing is an upscale retailer. a market research company says it's nordstrom's, especially known for evening wear, scored high marks for easy return policy and the entire customer experience. it finished far ahead of number two, kohl's. >>> the national transportation safety board issued a preliminary report today on the boein
shot five times. jonylah watkins' dad was changing her diaper in a parked van when a man walked up to them and opened fire. after five hours in surgery, the little girl remains in critical condition. her father, who was also shot several times, is also in the hospital, and the gunman did get away. >>> in colorado now, the accused shooter in the aurora movie massacre is due in court today. james holmes is widely expected to plead not guilty for reasons of insanity. it left 12 people dead and 70 people injured. if holmes enters that plea the judge says he can be given truth serum, drugs designed to lower inhibitions during interviews. >>> a washington state mom is in trouble after cell phone video shows her toddler smoking pot. take a look at this. man, all right, the 22-month-old little boy is shown with a lit bong held right there to his mouth. now, his mother says it all started out as a joke, which didn't turn out to be that funny, yeah, the little boy is now in protective care. mom is behind bars. >>> and watch this frightening incident from philadelphia. a car in reverse drives
. rain changing from kansas city and memphis. all rain around the south. dallas, shreveport, snow in the rockies and cascades and some showers in the pacific northwest. >> 40s from seattle to billings, 20s for the upper midwest. 40 in new york and 77 in miami. >>> all right, important update here. there was no winning ticket drawn for last night's $260 million powerball jackpot. >> so that means the payout for saturday's drawing will be at least $320 million. that's a lot of money but still far from the record drawing last year of more than $587 million. >> maybe it's paltry, but i'll take it. how about you? >> oh, yeah. >>> coming up, what we're tracking right now. breaking news, rockets fired into israel overnight. a provocative move during the president's visit. >>> plus, a developing story. a manhunt under way after colorado's prison chief is killed at his own front door. >>> and then the latest shake-up on late night tv. is nbc ready to overhaul "the tonight show" again? >>> welcome back. the economy is good but not good enough. the federal reserve sees steady improvement but
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